About ATCO

Since 1974 the Association of Transport Coordinating Officers has been bringing together local authority officers whose work involves responsibilities for passenger transport.

Promoting partnership and engagement, ATCO members include staff directly concerned with strategic policy development and implementation, securing passenger transport services for a wide range of public authorities.

These include shire counties and unitary councils in England, Wales and Scotland, Passenger Transport Executives, London Regional Transport, the Isle of Man, the States of Jersey and Northern Ireland.

Through exchanging information and views the Association helps to develop and promote good practice, and to formulate policies and standards and promote transport initiatives aimed at achieving better passenger transport services for all.

Members give advice to the Local Government Association and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities. The Association cooperates closely with Adept (formerly CSS), the Community Transport Association and the Passenger Transport Executive Group.

As an organisation ATCO has representation across the whole of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man through an executive structure and 10 regional groups. 

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ATCO Members are responsible for the involvement of their Authorities in;

  • the provision and promotion (but not in general the operation) of bus services

  • rail and passenger ferry issues

  • securing or providing education and / or social services transport services

  • developing and implementing policies under which passenger transport services are secured or promoted

ATCO Members have responsibility for:

  • Bus services, including assessment of the registered network and letting, monitoring and supervision of contracts for essential bus services that are not provided commercially

  • Administering concessionary fares schemes

  • The provision of infrastructure including road / rail interchanges and bus terminals and facilities

  • The promotion and provision of information about local transport services, including development and implementation of the Bus Information Strategy.

  • Promoting rail services – some of which, especially in Metropolitan areas, are supported by their Authorities.

  • Coordinating and procuring local bus services, schools and social services transport.

  • Developing transport initiatives including community transport, dial a ride, demand responsive and other innovative services.

  • Developing and implementing passenger transport policy, including Bus Strategies and the passenger transport elements of the Local Transport Plan and Accessibility Strategies.

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