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Why join ATCO?

If you coordinate public transport anywhere in the UK, or contribute to strategic transport planning, joining ATCO will connect you to colleagues doing similar work so that you can share best practice and benchmarking, access training and contribute to the responses when ATCO is consulted.  


As well as members within local authorities, ATCO also offers non-voting membership to people working in associated companies and agencies.

Membership benefits

With around 600 members drawn from nearly every local authority involved in transport coordination, ATCO offers unrivalled opportunities for getting to know, and for exchanging information and views with, those most actively involved in the field.


Direct benefits from membership include:

  • full access to the ATCO website

  • opportunities to participate in regional meetings, best practice forums, executives and working groups

  • access to discussion forums which serve to share experience and opinions about issues of interest and common problems

  • regional training days and reasonably priced seminars aimed at practitioners in different areas of transport coordination

How to join.

If you are considering joining ATCO, or want to approach your employer about helping you join ATCO the

following document gives an outline of the benefits of being part of a nationwide organisation made up of

fellow professionals. You can download a pdf copy by clicking on the cover below.

To join ATCO, or find out further information, please email:

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