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How ATCO is structured

ATCO Board

Provides support to the Executives and Regions to ensure that their activities benefit the ATCO membership.


Extended Board

Meetings of the Extended Board also include the chairs of the ATCO Executives and ATCO Regions.

ATCO Executives

These focus on various topic areas and also take care of the ATCO members' workload and involvement in the co-ordination of passenger transport in the UK

ATCO Regions


Regions may meet to discuss regional issues affecting their work and exchange best practice. Regions are also represented on the Executives.

You can find full details of the current membership of the Board and Executives by clicking on the ATCO symbol

How to get involved

First check to see if there is a regional group that you could attend and contribute to. There is a map below with details of which region each local authority is in.

You may then want to check and see if there is an Executive that is examining an area that is of particular interest to you.  Executives publish papers or responses to consultations from time to time.  We aim to list these on this website and make their publications more accessible to ATCO members, these will be in the members area of the website so you will need to join to view them.


The Executives usually meet at least a year and involve representatives from each region.  To get involved you should normally contact your regional representative first and then arrange for you to give feedback to your region. The Executives evolve to respond to new issues. 

ATCO at a regional level

ATCO covers the whole of the United Kingdom and is broken down into the 9 regions shown on the map (plus representation in Northern Ireland).

The authorities and organisations that comprise each region are listed in the book. (click to turn the pages)

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