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How ATCO is structured

The ATCO Board

The ATCO Board provide support to the ATCO Executives and Regional Groups to ensure that their activities benefit the ATCO membership.  They also regularly represent ATCO members, and are asked for their strategic input, in conversations with the Department for Transport, Department for Education, County Council’s Network (CCN), Local Government Association (LGA), ADEPT (Association of Directors Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport), House of Commons Transport Select Committee and the DVSA.


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If you would like to find out more information or join the board please get in touch:


ATCO Executives

We currently have two Executive Committees within ATCO; the ATCO School Transport/SEND Executive and the ATCO Bus Executive.

These sub-committees usually meet at least twice a year and involve representatives from each region.  To get involved you should normally contact your regional representative first and then arrange for you to give feedback to your region. The Executives evolve to respond to new issues.


Executives publish papers or responses to consultations from time to time.  We aim to list these on this website and make their publications more accessible to ATCO members, these will be in the members area of the website.  Some of the public papers we have produced can be found in our library

ATCO at a regional level

ATCO covers the whole of England, Scotland and Wales, and is broken down into regions as shown on the map below.  Each region has its own ATCO Regional Group, activities do vary around the country but most meet either in person or virtually several times each year to discuss both local and national issues. They are also a great opportunity to network with colleagues in neighbouring local authorities.


If you would like to find out more about your local group please contact us:

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